Auld Blacks reminiscing with Karen Lennon   21/11/2023

In the third of our series, Eamon Considine chats with Karen Lennon, Longford’s incoming President, about her time with the Club.

“I come from Co. Westmeath and in 2003 I came to Longford to take up a teaching post. I had played school football growing up but I had a desire to give rugby a ‘try’. That opportunity arose in 2005 when Jenny Butler started the women’s team and so my association with Longford Rugby Club began. I played with Longford until about 2013 and in that time playing I earned a cap playing with Connaught. Playing rugby is only a small part of my connection with the Club. Over the years I have coached senior and under-age teams and I am currently coaching the Mini’s and the under 18 girls team.

Being a member of a club with Derick Turner in it means you can’t say no when he comes to you with another idea, or another job you could do. I have several titles but the one I’m most proud of is Vice President. Next year I’ll take over from Donagh McDonnell, as President, something I’m really looking forward to and a role I'm honoured to have as I will be the first Lady President of the Club.

There are now 17 under-age teams in the Cub, which is an amazing achievement. To sustain this, so many people have to give of their time coaching, managing and travelling with the kids, and Longford is lucky to have these people. It is hoped that many of the under-age players, in time, will continue to play for Longford at a senior level and continue the magnificent work this Club does.”

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