Longford RFC needs you   10/10/2016

Longford RFC are bedding in to the new season and we are putting a call out to anyone with an interest in rugby to come along and get involved in the club.  Rugby is a game for all and if you want to be involved as a player, supporter or volunteer then we would love to hear from you.

We are presently in the process of updating the facilities at our club in our ongoing endeavour's to make this the finest, most accessible sports club in the midlands.  Our central motivation for this is to uphold our core value of participation for all.

This stage of development will aim to provide open access to all who wish to play sports in Longford rugby club.  As a community based club that is driven by the efforts of everyone associated with us to continue our rich history of inclusiveness.

We were the first club in Ireland to opening the grounds for GAA teams to train back in the early 1980s, a tradition that still holds today despite the improvements across the board in training facilities countrywide.

That openness has brought us many new members over the years and the present levels of participation, particularly the huge numbers of young people engaging with the game from minis up to seniors, is a reflection of that inclusiveness.

For over a century Longford RFC has been a forge in which friendships have been cast, friendships that can only be found through playing sports.  Theses links transcend the times that people play together and have acted as a social glue that make Longford RFC a family.

The strength of a family can be assessed by how they respond in adversity.  We would like to think that the bonds of our club can be typified by our response when our members experience hardship.

When Victor Connell suffered a catastrophic spinal injury the family of Longford RFC was there for him.  Victor’s house is recognised as the best built house to accommodate disability in Ireland; this is in no small part thanks to the generous support we have received from our benefactors.

The club has always endeavoured to make our facilities as accessible as possible, we now hope to move that support further by putting in place structures that will opening the grounds up to groups and individuals who through physical or mental challenges are otherwise precluded from sports.

The club has always been there to provide a nurturing environment for young people to participate. Longford Rugby Club believe that sport is not about winning, but about that participation and we hope that anyone who has an interest in rugby will get involved in the club.

We are always looking for new players at any playing level, age grade or gender.  If you would like to contribute to the club in other ways volunteers are always welcome. 



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